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February 2015
Honoring Congresswoman Barbara Lee During Black History Month
Attorney General Holder Visits Oakland to Build Community Trust
January 2015
Bipartisan, Bicameral Group Introduces Cuba Travel Bill
Rep Barbara Lee: 'Bad' trade deals 'wreak havoc' on minorities
Lee: Celebrate King by Working for Equality
Officials Reflect on Race, December Protests at City Council Meeting
Jean-Pierre Gorges, French Parliament's Lone Voice for Peace
Barbara Lee on US war in Syria and Iraq
My Word: People of Oakland should help to close Guantanamo
December 2014
Congresswoman Lee Named “Most Valuable House Member” in The Nation’s 2014 Honor Roll
Lone Opponent of Afghanistan War Feels Vindicated
The Nation's 2014 Progressive Honor Roll
How Barbara Lee’s 30-year Cuba Campaign Paid Off
We're at a turning point on HIV/AIDS
November 2014
Voting to Authorize War
INVEST in Our Veterans and Our Energy Future
Stephen Colbert and Rep. Barbara Lee show why most TV interviews don’t involve doing the wave
October 2014
Celebrate Civil Rights on November 4th
American Weapons End Up in Islamic State's Hands
Would a Surgeon General Help in Ebola Response?
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