February 09, 2012

Congresswoman Lee Statement in Support of Women's Access to Contraception

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Washington, DC – Today Congresswoman Lee issued the following statement at a press conference in support of women's access to contraception.

“This latest ruling on women’s access to reproductive health care has been absolutely politicized once again by the Republican Party. 

“I was raised Catholic and I understand the tenets of the Catholic faith – and I fully understand and respect the Church's doctrine on contraception. And even though I disagree with it, I fully respect it. 

“But also, I know that the separation of church and state is a fundamental principle that we must maintain.

“The Administration's decision to increase access to quality, affordable health care, family planning services, and contraceptives are vital to women's health and well-being.

“This isn't about a mandate. The rule would not force anyone with a religious objection to use a prescribed F.D.A.-approved contraceptive.

“The fact is that the 335,000 religious institutions and organizations and places of worship, are exempt, and in fact, no woman will be required to use contraception or use contraceptives if she doesn't want to do that.

“This is about women making their own decisions whether to use contraceptives or not. It's about access.

“I believe that this decision was right. I know that it allows for religious exemptions and this rule should allow now for employees, for nurses, for health care workers, to access contraception when they want to. And if they choose not to, they don't have to. But we should not allow any more discrimination to take place.”



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