Sponsored Legislation

Bill # Bill Description Updated
H.R.1230 Sponsored  — To repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002.
H.R.1229 Sponsored  — To repeal Public Law 107-40.
H.R.1205 Cosponsored  — To amend title II of the Social Security Act to repeal the Government pension offset and windfall elimination provisions.
H.R.1143 Cosponsored  — To amend the Public Health Service Act to address the increased burden that maintaining the health and hygiene of infants and toddlers places on families in need, the resultant adverse health effects on children and families, and the limited child care options available for infants and toddlers who lack sufficient diapers.
H.R.1111 Sponsored  — To establish a Department of Peacebuilding, and for other purposes.
H.R.1135 Cosponsored  — To reauthorize the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Historic Preservation program.
H.R.1102 Cosponsored  — To require States to conduct Congressional redistricting through independent commissions, and for other purposes.
H.R.1134 Cosponsored  — To amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to provide for additional disclosure requirements for corporations, labor organizations, and other entities, and for other purposes.
H.R.1114 Cosponsored  — To enhance Social Security benefits and ensure the long-term solvency of the Social Security program.
H.R.1144 Cosponsored  — To impose a tax on certain trading transactions to invest in our families and communities, improve our infrastructure and our environment, strengthen our financial security, expand opportunity and reduce market volatility.
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