Rep. Lee: Poverty must face swift action

Your article, "Poverty rates near record levels in Bay Area despite hot economy" highlights a growing crisis of economic inequality in our community. One in five Alameda County residents relies on food banks -- two-thirds are children and seniors. Given the Bay Area's high cost of living, a family of four would need to earn an estimated $86,000 to be economically secure. While Alameda County's poverty rate is 12.9 percent, the hidden poverty rate is higher.

The people struggling to make ends meet are our friends and neighbors. Everyone should benefit from our region's prosperity.

In Congress, I'm working to ensure the American dream is open to all.

I've introduced the Half in Ten Act to halve the national poverty over the next decade. Our communities need urgent action to end poverty.

Barbara Lee - Member of Congress California's 13th District

Read the original in the San Jose Mercurcy News.