Voting to Authorize War

To the Editor:

Re “Congress Must Act on War Authority” (editorial, Nov. 19):

I am glad that The Times has joined my longstanding call for a constitutionally required debate and vote. Now, after four months of American bombing, Congress is poised to support another $5.6 billion and the deployment of another 1,500 American servicemen and women to the Mideast.

In 2001, I was the lone vote in Congress against the Authorization for Use of Military Force, because it was a blank check for endless war. Thirteen years later, it has been used more than 30 times to justify American military action, according to a Congressional Research Service report.

We need to repeal the 2001 authorization intended for Afghanistan and the 2002 Iraq authorization. We must debate and vote on any military action in Iraq and Syria, to re-establish the constitutional checks and balances laid out by our founders.

Failure to act is an endorsement for perpetual war.


The writer, a Democrat, represents California’s 13th Congressional District.

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