Congresswoman Barbara Lee Condemns President Trump’s Muslim Ban

Washington, DC – Congresswoman Barbara Lee released the following statement in condemnation of President Trump’s executive order targeting refugees from Muslim-majority countries:

“I am outraged by President Trump’s executive order banning immigrants and refugees from the United States on the basis of religion. This pronouncement violates constitutional principles and disregards religious tolerance – a cornerstone of American democracy. Let me be clear: by turning his back on individuals and families fleeing Muslim-majority countries, President Trump is effectively implementing his campaign promise of closing  our doors to Muslim refugees.

“This is a watershed moment for our country, a moment that brings into question our moral character. People of conscience must unite in opposition to this un-American policy which weakens our leadership on the world stage and poses a direct threat to our national security. Now is the time for the resistance to stand up and show President Trump that the United States must remain a beacon of hope for those in need no matter who they are or how they worship. We are better than this.”