Congresswoman Barbara Lee Condemns the Confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions

Washington, DCCongresswoman Barbara Lee released this statement condemning the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions to serve as United States Attorney General:

“The confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as our nation’s Attorney General is outrageous and appalling. The Justice Department is our best tool for protecting civil and human rights, yet Senator Sessions has a long history of opposing civil rights and equality. He has insulted the LGBT community, voted against the Violence Against Women Act, and undermined the cornerstone of the civil rights movement, the Voting Rights Act. His record speaks for itself: Senator Sessions is wholly unfit to serve as Attorney General.

“Our country has made tremendous progress in the fight to protect, preserve and expand civil rights for all Americans. This confirmation is an indication that the Trump administration will lead a relentless assault against that progress. Generations of courageous men and women fought, bled and died to secure civil rights and voting rights for all Americans – I refuse to allow their sacrifices to be in vain. I will oppose any attempt by this Justice Department and this Administration to turn back the clock on our constitutional rights. We must continue to move forward, not backwards.”