Congresswoman Barbara Lee Denounces Trump’s Formal Withdrawal from Paris Agreement

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee released the following statement in response to the Trump Administration's formal announcement that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement:

“Trump’s formal withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement is a reckless dismissal of scientifically proven threats facing the world. The climate crisis is the most severe threat ever facing mankind, and we will not stand for Trump’s attempts to dismantle the progress made under this agreement. Withdrawing from the accords undermines our nation’s global standing and diplomatic credibility, hurts our children and jeopardizes the future of the planet. It’s past time for large-scale, urgent action. 

“Make no mistake - this is another dangerous decision that should be deeply concerning to all Americans and citizens of the world. Although Trump is in denial about the facts, the majority of Americans know the harmful reality if we do not take action to stop climate change now.”