May 17, 2019

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Introduces the Improving Access to Nutrition Act

Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, Barbara Lee introduced the Improving Access to Nutrition Act, which will lift SNAP’s 3-month time limit and ensure that all people have access to nutrition assistance and stay healthy while seeking full-time work. Under current law, adults ages 18-49 without children, and without a documented disability, are subject to a harmful and arbitrary three-month time limit of SNAP benefits unless they are working 80 hours a month. Congresswoman Lee released the following statement about the bill:

“I am proud to introduce this new bill, H.R. 2809, the Improving Access to Nutrition Act, with 23 of my Democratic colleagues. This critical bill will ensure that all people have access to healthy food. As a single mother raising two boys I used SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) to feed my family. This important basic assistance should be there for all families,” said Congresswoman Lee.

“SNAP benefits ensure that all adults, including those who struggle to find stable employment, have access to food. Creating a barrier to food access does not help anyone secure employment. Furthermore, low-wage workers frequently face unstable hours, unpredictable schedules, discrimination, and other obstacles that keep them from reaching the 80-hour requirement.   

“Putting up a cruel barrier to food access does not help anyone secure stable employment – it only makes them hungrier, which is why I am determined to use my legislative power to stop it these barriers and fight for families struggling to make ends meet in my district and nationwide.”