August 16, 2023

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Issues Statement on One Year Anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-12) issued the below statement on the one year anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which was signed into law by President Biden on August 16, 2022.

“On the first anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act, I’m proud to recognize its incredible benefits for our communities, families, and planet. With this bill, Democrats took decisive action to lower health and energy costs for families, deliver the largest climate investment in U.S. history, and build an economy that works for all.

“Across the nation, families are still struggling with kitchen table issues—especially in marginalized communities and communities of color. But thanks to the IRA, people are starting to see relief. The $300 billion in deficit reduction has lowered costs of items like groceries and gasoline. The IRA’s health care provisions have lowered barriers to access for millions, including right here in California. And thanks to the Biden Administration, we’re spurring economic growth, creating good-paying union jobs, and leading a manufacturing boom.

“We also must recognize the magnitude of the U.S. passing its largest climate bill in history. Right now, we’re seeing the deadly impacts of climate change in Maui. The horrific images and stories from the wildfires only underscore the importance of the climate investments passed a year ago—and the need to continue building on our progress and transition fully to a clean energy economy.

“As a progressive, I am proud to say we paid for it all by cracking down on tax cheats and making sure the largest corporations pay their fair share. But our progress is threatened as Republicans attempt to use their majority in the House to give handouts to billionaires and fossil fuels. In the months to come, I will not stop fighting to advance justice and equity and block their attempts to roll back our historic gains for the American people.”