Congresswoman Barbara Lee Stands with Low-Wage Workers in the East Bay and Across the Country

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) released the following statement today in support of low-wage fast food workers who participated in a nationwide strike for job protections and fair wages:

“I applaud the action taken by thousands of workers around the country that are standing up for a living wage and the right to unionize.

No one working full-time should live in poverty or have to work two jobs to make ends meet.

To re-build our economy and expand the middle class, we need to empower workers with a living wage that will put more money in their pockets. Our goal cannot simply be an increase to the minimum wage, but rather, we must establish a real living wage, with the dignity of benefits.

A living wage will increase the quality of life for low-wage earning families, lift millions out of poverty and grow our entire economy.

I am proud to support the workers striking today for a living wage and the ability to unionize. I will continue to fight to ensure families receive fair wage for a fair day’s work.”


Congresswoman Lee is a member of the Appropriations and Budget Committees, the Steering and Policy Committee, is a Senior Democratic Whip, former chair of both the Congressional Black Caucus and Progressive Caucus. She serves as chair of the newly formed Whip’s Task Force on Poverty and Opportunity.