Congresswoman Barbara Lee Statement on Supreme Court Oral Arguments for Trump-GOP Lawsuit to End Health Care Coverage for Millions

Washington, D.C.Congresswoman Barbara Lee released the following statement on the Supreme Court hearing of the Trump-Republican backed lawsuit to strip away health care protections from millions during a global pandemic: 

“From day one, the Trump administration has stopped at nothing to strip away health care from millions in need. Today, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of California v. Texas, and the GOP motive is clear: take health care away from families in the middle of a global public health crisis that has taken over 230,000 lives. 

“Republicans have tried and failed to repeal the ACA at least 70 times in Congress and twice through the courts, but as was heard in today’s oral arguments, the Supreme Court must be deferential to Congress’s intent and uphold the law. 

“Support of the ACA is at an all-time high, yet Republicans are still fighting tooth and nail to strike it down. If the Trump-GOP lawsuit is successful, more than 20 million Americans could lose their health care coverage, 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions could lose protections, and drug costs could skyrocket for seniors. The ACA also works to ensure that all Americans have equitable access to care. A repeal of the ACA could leave 1 in 5 Black people and nearly 1 in 3 Latinx people uninsured and widen health disparities for especially people of color.

“Senate Republicans denied families much-needed COVID relief just weeks ago so they could appoint a Supreme Court Justice who they hoped would further their agenda of ending the ACA and leaving millions of families with no health care.

“I stand with my colleagues in denouncing this lawsuit as entirely frivolous.We will continue fighting to ensure no family loses their health insurance, because access to quality, affordable health care is a human right.”