Congresswoman Barbara Lee Statement on Trump Ending COVID Relief Negotiations

OAKLAND, CA -- Congresswoman Barbara Lee issued the following statement today on Trump ending COVID relief negotiations.

"As much as the Trump administration has tried to pretend otherwise, the pandemic is not over, as the outbreak at the White House makes clear. Tens of millions of workers are unemployed. The number of families living without enough food has skyrocketed. Businesses across the country, and in my district in the East Bay, continue to close, many of them for good. On October 1, the House passed an updated Heroes Act to do three things: end the pandemic, recover our economy and protect our democracy. Refusing to negotiate a deal until after the election is beyond irresponsible – it is an unforgivable surrender in the face of a national crisis. People need help now, and we need to pull our economy out of the downward spiral that Trump has put it in. I hope that Senate Republicans will ignore Trump’s latest meanspirited tweet, and instead will join us in this effort to provide urgently needed relief to the American people, and invest in the long-term health and economic security of our communities."