Congresswoman Barbara Lee Votes to Protect America’s Wilderness

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee voted to pass H.R. 2546, Protecting America’s Wilderness Act, which designates approximately 1.3 million acres of wilderness and incorporates more than 1,000 river miles into the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System across California, Colorado, and Washington.

“Our public lands are one of the best resources we have to respond to the climate crisis. The Protecting America’s Wilderness Act is an essential piece of House Democrats’ commitment to protecting our incredible and unique landscapes, upholding our moral responsibility to leave a healthy, sustainable future for generations to come. 

“This bill will dramatically improve recreational access for underserved communities while protecting vital sources of clean drinking water to ensure that all communities can reap the benefits of conservation. 

“Additionally, this bill will protect families and land across Northern California through the restoration of degraded forest ecosystems impacted by climate change. We are increasing community and firefighter safety by requiring federal land management agencies to work with residents to develop a new coordinated fire management plan that prioritizes reducing fuel near existing roads, infrastructure, and other developed areas.  

“Climate change is the most pressing issue of the century. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to do everything we can to protect our environment and safeguard our right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and access public lands.”