January 22, 2018

Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s Statement on Congressional Republicans’ Failure to Govern

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Barbara Lee released the following statement on Congressional Republicans’ fifth consecutive Continuing Resolution:

“Once again, Congressional Republicans have decided to kick the can down the road instead of doing the work of governing. We are now almost four months into the new fiscal year, but Republicans refuse to tackle the pressing issues facing Congress and our nation.  

“Instead of working on long-standing bipartisan priorities with Democrats, the Republicans continue to align with a volatile President who can’t be trusted to negotiate in good faith and who has repeatedly chosen to pander to his extreme base. Today’s Continuing Resolution, like the four that came before it, fails to restore funding to our community health centers, alleviate the opioid epidemic, or bring desperately-needed assistance to communities destroyed by natural disasters. We also still lack any serious commitment from Speaker Ryan on a vote to protect Dreamers. Any funding measure that ignores these urgent priorities is a non-starter for me.

“The chaos has to end. The American people deserve better than this dysfunctional Republican majority – if Speaker Ryan can’t do the job, then he should find a new line of work.”