Congresswoman Lee Applauds the Passage of Crucial Gun Safety Reforms

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Democratic House passed H.R. 1112 following the passage of H.R. 8 yesterday, cutting through decades of Republican inaction and obstruction to bipartisan, common sense legislation to address the crisis of gun violence in our country. Gun violence steals the lives of nearly 40,000 people every year – including 47 children and teenagers every single day. Congresswoman Lee released the following statement in response:

“We must end the epidemic of gun violence in our country, and these two bills are an important first step,” said Congresswoman Lee. “Congressman Thompson’s bipartisan bill, which makes gun sale background checks universal, will help ensure that individuals who are dangerous are no longer able to purchase a gun. Whip Clyburn’s bill will extend the initial background check timeline, giving the FBI crucial more time to complete a background check before a gun sale can go forward.

“Since 2014, nearly 400 of my constituents have died at the hands of guns. Our community feels their loss every single day. Here are just a few of their names and tragic stories:

“Davon Ellis was a star football player and an excellent student at Oakland Tech High School. He was shot and killed while walking home from school. My nephew was walking with him when he was gunned down.

“Travon Godfrey was killed in 2016 while sitting in a car with his friends in front of his home. Every time I think about Travon, my heart breaks. Travon came to a town meeting that I held on gun violence in January of 2016.

“Sadly, these heartbreaking stories are all too familiar in communities across the country. Nearly 40,000 Americans lose their lives to gun violence each year. Shootings now kill as many Americans as car accidents – and that is why these bills are so important. Congress is finally taking action to end the epidemic of gun violence – because the lives of our fellow Americans depend on it.”