Congresswoman Lee Appointed to Budget Committee

Contact: Katherine Jolly, 510-763-0370

Washington, D.C.Today Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) issued the following statement regarding her appointment to the House Budget Committee:

“I am pleased and honored serve on the House Budget Committee.  I continue to believe that our nation’s budget is a moral document that lays out the priorities that we have as a nation. From my seat on the Committee I will work with my colleagues to craft a budget that will strengthen our nation, grow our economy and put our nation on a sustainable fiscal pathway.

“Our nation faces many challenges and a budget with the right priorities can help to lift millions of Americans out of poverty, strengthen our national security by rethinking and streamlining our defense spending, and reinvest in the future of all Americans. A budget with the right priorities can create millions of new jobs by rebuilding and modernizing our nation’s infrastructure, providing a 21st century education to every child in America and putting us on track to building a sustainable and energy independent green economy future.

“I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure that our country’s budget is fair, balanced, reduces our nation’s deficit, and reignites the American dream for all.”

Congresswoman Lee will also serve on the House Appropriation Committee and as the Regional Representative on the Steering and Policy Committee (Region II).


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