Congresswoman Lee Condemns Callous & Dangerous Republican Budget

Washington, D.C.Congresswoman Barbara Lee released the following statement regarding the extreme Republican budget which passed the Senate last night:

“Budgets are moral documents. They put on paper the principles and priorities of a nation. The budget passed by Congressional Republicans betrays those principles and undermines families’ basic standard of living, just to push through more tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

“This budget guts basic necessities: job training, affordable education, housing and food assistance, and lifesaving healthcare through Medicaid and Medicare. Wall Street executives, defense contractors and polluters would get a payout, while everyday families pay the price.

“We can – and must – do better than this callous, dangerous and regressive budget. In Congress, I will keep fighting for a budget that reflects our values, invests in good jobs and lifts families out of poverty.”