May 24, 2023

Congresswoman Lee Condemns Republican Attempt to Roll Back Student Loan Debt Relief

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-12) released the following statement on House Republicans’  H.J.Res.45, a partisan student loan debt Congressional Review Act Resolution that will cause economic havoc for more than 43 million borrowers and their families. The CRA resolution introduced by Representative Bob Good (R-VA-05) would retroactively reverse the federal student loan payment pause and block President Biden’s debt relief plan.

Currently, over 3 million Californians are benefitting from the payment pause, with $2.7 billion dollars saved by borrowers since September 2022.

“Today, House Republicans shamefully sought to repeal student debt relief, threatening to wreak economic havoc on more than 20 million of their very own constituents – attempting to force borrowers back into repayment & threatening to add thousands in payments and relieved interest back onto their loan balances,” said Congresswoman Lee. “I am confident this won’t become law.  But these cruel legislative attacks on borrowers and their families must stop. No one should be left behind – we need more relief to borrowers who have been impacted by an inequitable education system, not more burdens. This isn’t over.”