July 26, 2014

Congresswoman Lee Expresses Concern Over Escalating Crisis in the Middle East

"I remain deeply troubled by the ongoing and escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza and mourn the tragic loss of innocent lives in Gaza and Israel."

“It is clear there can be no military solution to this conflict and I call on all parties to agree to an immediate and indefinite ceasefire."

“The only way for peace is to ensure Israel's security free from rocket attacks and a two state solution with Israelis and Palestinians living side by side."

"This military action and the terrible human suffering that we are seeing, will not resolve the conflict, restore the peace, or end the violence."

"I have consistently called for decisive action to alleviate the ongoing humanitarian suffering in  Gaza including efforts to end the blockade and ensure Israeli security."

"Addressing the underlying humanitarian needs of this crisis and restoring hope to Palestinians and security for Israeli civilians is critical to achieving a lasting peace."

“Once again, I call upon the leaders of Hamas and Israel to agree upon and abide by an immediate and indefinite ceasefire, and upon the Administration to continue to engage in the intensive, high-level diplomacy necessary to assist the parties in developing concrete steps  than can be implemented immediately to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, guarantee the safety of Israeli civilians and start on a path to a sustained peace."