July 15, 2014

Congresswoman Lee Looks Forward to Final Passage of Assessing Progress in Haiti Act

Washington, DC – Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee expressed excitement at the passage of the Senate version of her Assessing Progress in Haiti Act (S. 1104) and hoped for the rapid passage of the Senate-modified bill by the House. A similar measure has already passed the House.

“Our current policy toward Haiti’s recovery has failed. We need to reassess our priorities and provide greater oversight to the efforts to rebuild following the devastating January 2010 earthquake. This bill takes our efforts closer to more effectively helping the people of Haiti, providing greater oversight and building sustainable local capacity,” said Congresswoman Barbara Lee. “I was glad to see my colleagues in the Senate pass the Assessing Progress in Haiti Act and I would like to thank Senator Bill Nelson for leading the charge on this measure.”

The Senate bill is an amended version of Congresswoman Lee’s bill (H.R. 3509) that passed the House on December 12th, 2012.  The Congresswoman expects the amended measure to pass the House.

“In December, several of my colleagues, from both Parties, stood with me in support of the Assessing Progress in Haiti Act.  Working together, we have developed a bill that will improve the effectiveness of U.S. assistance to Haiti while building long-term local capacity to the benefit of the Haitian people,” said Congresswoman Lee. “I hope the House can again pass the slightly amended version we have received from the Senate and move this bill to the President’s desk to immediately improve the efficiency and oversight of America’s efforts to rebuild Haiti’s infrastructure.”