Congresswoman Lee Releases Statement on 31st Avenue Fire

Oakland, CA - Congresswoman Barbara Lee released the following statement following the tragic 31st Avenue fire:

Today the entire East Bay community is in mourning as we come to understand the scale of the devastation caused by this fire. I extend my deepest condolences and prayers to the victims of this unimaginable tragedy and their families.

I am incredibly grateful to the firefighters and first responders who worked so hard to prevent further loss of life and I am confident that Oakland officials will continue their hard work to provide answers to the many questions that remain at this time, especially for those seeking answers about loved ones who may have been present.

I have been in contact with Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and offered my complete support to secure any federal assistance that the city may need for emergency response efforts, and the ongoing recovery.

I strongly encourage all families looking for loved ones to call (510) 382-3000 for more information.