Congresswoman Lee Slams Republican Obstruction of Bipartisan AUMF Repeal Amendments

Washington, D.C.Congresswoman Lee released the following statement on the defeat of her amendments, which would have repealed the 2001 AUMF and sunset funding for operations conducted under the 2001 AUMF, in the House Rules Committee:

“For far too long, Congress has failed in its fundamental responsibility to debate matters of war and peace. Congress is missing in action – it’s past time for us to do our job. 

“This week, I offered an amendment in the House Rules Committee to restore my bipartisan amendment to sunset the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force 240 days after enactment of the bill. This amendment previously passed the Appropriations Committee in an overwhelming bipartisan vote last month, but was undemocratically and unilaterally stripped from the bill by Republican leadership without a vote or debate. By refusing to reinstate my amendment, Republicans on the House Rules Committee have shown a lack of respect for the committee process and an unwillingness to finally address our perpetual wars.

“The second amendment would provide Congress with 240 days to debate and vote on any new AUMF, but would sunset funding for operations conducted under the 2001 AUMF should Congress fail to do so in that timeframe.

“The Constitution is clear: the American people deserve a voice on matters of war and peace. Preventing this debate and vote is a betrayal of our constitutional obligation to the men and women bravely serving overseas.”