April 06, 2017

Rep. Barbara Lee: Congress Should Not Be On Recess As Trump Plans War

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Barbara Lee released the following statement after the Pentagon confirmed that the Trump Administration is developing options for a military strike in response to the Syrian governments chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians:

“I am outraged by the barbaric and heinous war crimes committed by the Assad regime and abetted by Putin and Russia. The United Nations must take immediate action in response to Assad’s continued use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians. 

“I am deeply disturbed by reports that the Trump Administration is currently developing options for a military strike in Syria without Congressional debate and authorization. If President Trump wants to escalate U.S. involvement in yet another war, he should immediately send a new Authorization for Use of Military Force to Congress and Speaker Ryan must bring it to the House floor for debate and vote without delay.

“At a time when President Trump stands on the verge of marching our nation into another war with unknown costs and consequences, Congress should not be on recess. I urge the Speaker to honor the Constitution and require a debate and vote on any further use of force in Syria.”