Rep. Barbara Lee Joins Congressional Black Caucus Women and Caucus on Black Women and Girls in Denouncing Trump’s Disrespectful Comments about Senator Kamala Harris

Washington, DC - Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee joined the co-chairs of the Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls and the women of the CBC in issuing a joint statement regarding President Trump’s disrespectful comment regarding Senator Kamala Harris:

“As the leaders of the Caucus on Black Women and Girls, and in concert with our women colleagues of the Congressional Black Caucus, we strongly denounce the hurtful and disrespectful comments made by Donald Trump  in reference to our sister in Congress, Senator Kamala Harris. The President, who has failed our country on so many issues regarding racial injustice, has remained true to form and consistent in his disdain for the Black community. This morning he referred to Senator Harris as, ‘This monster that was onstage with Mike Pence,'  and went on to add, ‘…this monster, she says, ‘no no, there won’t be fracking,’ there won’t be this. Everything she said is a lie.’ We find this language unacceptable and we condemn the image the President attempted to invoke categorically and in the strongest possible terms.

“Black women have historically been subjected to such dehumanizing rhetoric and told we are not good enough – for positions of power and authority, certainly not for elected office and not worthy of the spotlight of American civil society. We have lived by the mantra that we must be twice as good to get half as much. We have not and will not endure these injustices in silence – we are capable, brilliant, and fully able to serve in every role and at every level.

 “This thinly coded language is unacceptable – Black women have never and will never stand in the shadows quieting our voices to make others feel more comfortable. We will continue to be empowered to walk in our purpose and fight against such appalling behavior against Black women, at every turn, until we achieve the dignity, respect and equality that is our birthright.”