Rep Barbara Lee’s Statement on the Senate ACA Repeal Vote

Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Lee released the following statement on last night’s defeat of Senate Republicans’ Affordable Care Act repeal bill:

“Make no mistake: the American people have saved the Affordable Care Act. This victory belongs to the persistence of our constituents, who called and emailed and marched and showed up at town halls to protect their care. It’s time for Republicans to face the facts – the ACA is here to stay.

“I hope last night’s vote was a wake-up call to my Republican colleagues, who have wasted 7 years on empty rhetoric instead of offering real solutions to help struggling families.

“Going forward, our priorities should be improving our health care system, expanding coverage for the millions who still need it, and lowering costs for families. I will not stop fighting until we’ve achieved our ultimate goal – a universal health care system that recognizes the dignity inherent in every person.”