March 23, 2020

Representatives Lee, García introduce bill Prohibiting Rental Evictions During COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

OAKLAND, CA - Representatives Barbara Lee (CA-13), Jesús “Chuy” García (IL-04), and 39 additional cosponsors introduced the Rental Eviction Moratorium Act today to prohibit landlords from evicting rental tenants during the COVID-19 public health emergency. The bill will be part of the third COVID-19 stimulus package introduced by the House of Representatives, the Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act.

“As more workers are losing their jobs or having their hours limited, families are put at risk of missing rent or forgoing food on the table. We can’t allow people to be on the streets in the middle of a public health crisis – that’s why I worked with Rep. Garcia to introduce the Rental Eviction Moratorium Act,” said Rep. Barbara Lee. “This important legislation ensures that renters in the Bay Area and the nation cannot be evicted from their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. We must ensure that everyone has access to quality housing no matter their financial situation.” 

“No one should lose their home during the COVID-19 pandemic which is why I introduced the Rental Eviction Moratorium Act, to prohibit evicting renters during this crisis. Families are hurting – they are worried about their jobs, health, and childcare and deserve the certainty that they won't be kicked to the curb and left homeless if they can’t make their rent,” said Rep. Chuy García. “Last week I authored a letter that 77 Members of Congress signed, calling on mortgage lenders to stop foreclosures during this public health crisis. But nearly a third of U.S. residents are renters – in the communities I represent in Chicago the ratio is much higher. Working class people, immigrants, and renters suffer disproportionately from economic recessions like the one this country will likely be facing, and they need the financial security this bill would provide, immediately.”

The Rental Eviction Moratorium Act Would:

  • Prohibit landlords from evicting rental tenants due to failure to pay rent or other causes, unless the tenant perpetrates a serious criminal act that would endanger the health, life and safety of other tenants.
  • Self-terminate six months after FEMA terminates the emergency declared by the President.