July 28, 2020

Reps. Lee, Pocan Announce Defense Spending Reduction Caucus

Washington, D.C. – A week after introducing an amendment to cut the defense budget by 10%, Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Congressman Mark Pocan—both members of the House Appropriations Committee—are announcing the creation of the Defense Spending Reduction Caucus.

The Caucus intends to build on the support garnered by the amendment, which received 93 votes in the House last week. At a time when the majority of American people would support a cut to the defense budget, this Caucus will serve as an organizing point to continue demanding reductions to the Pentagon’s bloated defense budget.

“Wasteful defense spending does not make our communities safer – it only weakens our ability to respond to crises,” said Congresswoman Lee. “Black and Brown people continue to be the ones that suffer most. We can’t keep spending billions for weapons while leaving our people defenseless against COVID. The Defense Spending Reduction Caucus will support our efforts to redirect wasteful defense spending toward investing in human needs.” 

“For too long, Congress has put the profits of defense contractors above the needs of the American people, said Congressman Pocan. “Last week’s $740 billion defense budget represents a 20% increase in just four years at a time of relative peace. From unnecessary new nuclear weapons to the Space Force to the ballooning use of outside contractors—our Pentagon spending is growing more rapidly than needed with abundant waste and endless wars. With this new caucus, we hope to lead Congress in decreasing and redirecting the defense budget.”