Rhetoric Doesn’t Match Reality in New Ryan Poverty Proposals

Washington, DC – Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee issued the following statement in response to Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s anti-poverty proposals in his so-called “Expanding Opportunity in America” discussion draft.

“I am pleased Chairman Ryan is joining the conversation about poverty. Congress needs to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and undertake important steps to reform our broken criminal justice system,” noted Congresswoman Lee. “Beyond this, the proposal puts a compassionate face on Republican’s draconian policies.

“Central to Chairman Ryan’s proposal includes ‘block granting’ safety net programs to states.  Yet the Ryan Budget would cut $300 billion from the very programs this proposal would consolidate. These cuts would harm the most vulnerable,” said Congresswoman Lee. 

“We need to create jobs to lift people out of poverty while protecting and expanding the social safety net. Congress should focus on supporting proven programs and move swiftly to raise the minimum wage, renew unemployment insurance and protect tax credits for working and middle class families,” said Congresswoman Lee.

“As a member of the Budget and Appropriations Committees, I hope we can work in a bipartisan effort to find real solutions to create opportunities to lift people out of poverty and into the middle class,” stated Congresswoman Lee.