Congresswoman Barbara Lee Announces Latest Endorsements for Caucus Chair

Including Congressman Joaquín Castro, Indivisible, NOW, and Color Of Change

Washington, D.C. – In July, Congresswoman Barbara Lee announced her bid for Democratic Caucus Chair. Below are several of the latest endorsements of her candidacy.

Congressman Joaquín Castro stated in his endorsement:

“Congresswoman Lee has a passion for bringing diverse perspectives to the table, and a skill for finding common ground. As Caucus chair, I have no doubt she would bring fresh ideas and a unifying vision and I’m proud to support her bid for this important leadership role.”

Today, Indivisible National announced their endorsement of Congresswoman Lee. Included below are excerpts from the East Bay Indivisible’s statement applauding the national endorsement of Congresswoman Lee:

“She has demonstrated amazing strength in her convictions and ability to face down enormous outside pressure.

“In the years since then, she has developed her rare talent for getting out ahead on bold, progressive policy ideas and bringing her colleagues along, challenging them to keep up. We believe this characteristic makes her the ideal person to join the House leadership team and hold it accountable to the progressive grassroots that brought it to power.

“And the specific area where Rep. Lee's famous political courage stands out most—responsible management of military force—is one of the places where we most urgently need strong Congressional action.

“She will be the voice for these and other progressive values in the leadership of our new blue House. This is a huge moment for our country, and her fearlessness and vision could make it the moment when we turn toward a better world.”

Yesterday afternoon, NOW also announced their endorsement of Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s Caucus Chair bid. Below are excerpts from their statement:

“Congresswoman Lee is a unifier—she has spent her entire career bringing members together to advance effective policies. Working with Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, she created the Poverty and Income Inequality Task Force to tackle economic insecurity, and she helped write and pass the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) as well as every major HIV and AIDS legislation in recent years, building support among progressives, moderates, and conservatives. 

“The 2018 elections proved that people of color are continually and increasingly confronted with voter suppression efforts that denied voters fully free and fair elections. It’s not enough for Democrats to criticize voter suppression efforts and the political leaders behind them. Democrats must elect leaders that look like America, feel what voters feel, and understand the politics of exclusion from personal experience.

“The next Congress will take up an unprecedented level of oversight and scrutiny towards Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda. This is why we need the best, most experienced and most talented lawmakers – and why Barbara Lee must join Nancy Pelosi in leading the most diverse Congress in history.” 

On Friday, Color Of Change announced their endorsement. Excerpts below:

“As our country prepares to welcome the most diverse Congress in history, Color of Change calls for a new dawn as we endorse the election of Representative Barbara Lee as House Democratic Caucus Chairwoman.

“After being propelled into power through the historic support of Black women, the Democratic Party must show that ‘Trust Black Women’ is more than an electioneering slogan. We must elect Congresswoman Lee. Her experience, foresight, and values demand her election now.”