January 23, 2023

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Issues Statement on Deadly Mass Shooting in Monterey Park

Washington, DC – Congresswoman Barbara Lee issued the following statement on the deadly mass shooting that occurred on Sunday in Monterey Park, California:

“Lunar New Year should be a safe, joyous day of culture and community. On a day we are supposed to be celebrating, we must mourn yet another tragic loss of life. My deepest condolences go to the family & loved ones of the victims, and I am praying for a full & speedy recovery for those injured in the mass shooting yesterday in Monterey Park.

“The AAPI community deserved to celebrate without fear of senseless gun violence, especially at a moment when anti-AAPI hatred and violence are so pervasive. I stand with the AAPI community in California, across the nation, and throughout the world, and remain committed to taking Congressional action to put an end to senseless gun violence.”