Congresswoman Barbara Lee Recognizes Beginning of Black History Month

Washington, D.C. - Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee celebrated the beginning of Black History Month with the following statement: 

“Today marks the beginning of Black History Month, a time to honor and celebrate the countless African Americans who were trailblazers for justice and pioneers of innovation.  

“This month, we recognize the significant contributions that African Americans have made to our nation throughout its history – despite the overwhelming inequalities and injustices that have been part of our nation’s history since the beginning. It is a time to reflect, especially on the sacrifices of our great African American heroes and sheroes, who dedicated and often sacrificed their lives to the fight for civil rights, equity, and social and economic justice. 

“It is also a time to recommit ourselves to the work of lifting up the Black community, and rededicate ourselves as a nation to overcoming the systemic racism that continues to impact African Americans. 

“This year’s Black History Month comes while we face a pandemic that has disproportionately infected, hospitalized and killed Black Americans, demonstrating once again the painful legacy of racism in our public health system, and the economic injustice that continues to prevent families from accessing the American dream. 

“As we begin the process of turning the page on the last four years and look toward a new opportunity to achieve equity for our communities, we must remember that American history is Black history, and the recognition of our impact cannot be limited to the duration of the shortest month of the year.  

“We must come together as a nation to finally reject hatred, bigotry and discrimination in all forms. We should see this month not just as a celebration, but as a call to action for our country to finally honor its founding promise of equality for all.”