Congresswoman Barbara Lee Statement on FY2018 Continuing Resolution

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Lee released the following statement regarding the FY2018 Continuing Resolution:

“For weeks Republicans have been too focused on giving the wealthiest 1% tax breaks to adequately fund the government. As a result, congressional Republicans have once again driven this country to the brink of an avoidable self-inflicted crisis.

“This reckless short-term resolution ignores the life-threatening emergencies facing millions across the country. It fails to provide long-term funding to the Children’s Health Insurance Program, betrays undocumented recipients in desperate need of a clean DREAM Act and woefully underfunds community health centers, programs that combat the opioid epidemic, and veterans in need. This irresponsible resolution also fails to raise the budgetary caps equally for defense and non-defense spending.

“By passing a short-term spending bill that entirely neglects crucial needs and underfunds job training, affordable housing, and education we are selling the American people short. Furthermore by allowing the Trump Administration to undercut crucial government agencies, Republicans have rubber-stamped the Steve Bannon agenda to deconstruct the administrative state. This resolution does nothing to create better jobs, better wages and a better future for American families. That is why as member of both the Appropriations and Budget Committee, I opposed this Continuing Resolution. The American people deserve better than this.”