January 04, 2018

Rep. Barbara Lee Statement on AG Sessions' Attack on Legal Marijuana Industry

Oakland, CA – Congresswoman Barbara Lee released the following statement regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement that the Department of Justice would rescind three Obama Administration memos which discouraged federal interference in state marijuana laws:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a big mistake today. The lasting legacy of federal marijuana criminalization policies will be the overzealous policing and mass incarceration of people of color. It’s disappointing, but not terribly surprising, that Attorney General Sessions has chosen to double-down on these racist and unproductive policies. But it is clear that this agenda is both offensive and deeply out-of-touch with the wishes of the American people. Furthermore, this announcement tramples on the sovereignty of states to create laws and policies that reflect the will of their residents.

“The majority of Americans – including Republican voters – favor legalization. Congress should insist the will of the people is respected by our federal government.”