March 28, 2017

Congresswoman Barbara Lee: Trump Executive Order Takes Wrecking Ball to U.S. Climate Action

Washington, DCCongresswoman Barbara Lee released the following statement after President Trump signed Executive Orders rolling back crucial elements of U.S. climate strategy.

“Today, President Trump took a wrecking ball to U.S. action on climate change. The scientific community has been clear: Climate change is real, it is caused by human activity, and without immediate action its effects will devastate our communities and our planet.

“The executive order issued by the president will weaken protections for clean air, clean water, public health, and our environment. In his recent address to Congress, President Trump said he wanted to ‘promote clean air and clean water.’ His actions reveal the truth: President Trump will stop at nothing in order to enrich oil barons and the fossil fuel industry. Rather than unraveling lifesaving progress on climate change, we should be protecting programs like the Clean Power Plan, which reduces dangerous carbon emissions and strengthens the green economy.

“President Trump is governing as if he truly believes that climate change is a hoax. His climate denialism threatens our planet and its inhabitants.”