Congresswoman Lee Calls for Presidential Accountability

Oakland, CA – Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee hosted a town hall with special guests John Dean and Malcolm Nance for a timely discussion on presidential accountability.  The discussion focused on the lessons learned from previous administrations dating back to President Nixon, and how we can apply those lessons in the present context.  

John Dean served as White House Counsel for President Nixon and was a key witness during the Watergate scandal. Malcom Nance is a retired U.S Navy Officer and an expert in national security policy & anti-terrorism intelligence.

“I am honored to welcome experts John Dean and Malcolm Nance to my district for this important discussion on the moral, legal, and ethical responsibility of our nation’s Commander-In-Chief,” said Congresswoman Lee. “My constituents understand the actions of President Trump are very serious – the core values of our constitutional democracy are at stake. We can no longer ignore or allow President Trump’s continued misuse of power to undermine our democracy.

“Recent revelations about the president's obsession with the Russian investigation underscore the need for a bipartisan, independent commission that can be trusted to investigate collusion between President Trump, his campaign and the Kremlin. The American people deserve the truth and I will not rest until we know the extent to which the Russians interfered in our election.”

The event was also live streamed on the Congresswoman’s Facebook, where it can be viewed in its entirety.