June 11, 2015

Congresswoman Lee Responds to Additional Troop Deployment to Iraq

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Lee released this statement on news that the White House will deploy hundreds more American troops to Iraq to counter ISIL:

“Our nation is in the midst of another war in the Middle East, a war that has lasted nearly a year and has yet to be debated or authorized by Congress.

More than 3,000 American servicemen and women are currently serving in Iraq and hundreds more will now be deployed.

It’s past time for Congress to live up to its Constitutional responsibility and have a debate and vote on this war.

Last week, the Appropriations Committee adopted my amendment, in a bipartisan vote, stating that Congress has a Constitutional duty to debate and decide on an authorization for the use of military force against ISIL.  

Additionally, I have introduced H.J. Resolution 30 to ensure a comprehensive and effective strategy to ultimately degrade and dismantle ISIL.”


Congresswoman Lee is a member of the Appropriations and Budget Committees, the Steering and Policy Committee, is a Senior Democratic Whip, former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and co-chair of the Progressive Caucus. She serves as chair of the Whip’s Task Force on Poverty and Opportunity.