Congresswoman Lee Slams Trump Administration’s Decision to Rescind Clean Power Plan

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Barbara Lee released the following statement on the Trump Administration’s plans to roll back the Clean Power Plan:

“The Trump Administration’s decision to rescind the Clean Power Plan ignores scientific consensus, public health and basic common sense. Climate change is a reality. Extreme weather is already wreaking havoc on our communities – and further inaction will only worsen these climate disasters.

“Make no mistake: our children and grandchildren will suffer because of President Trump and Administrator Pruitt’s decision to ignore science and roll back the Clean Power Plan.

“Ending these lifesaving protections is yet another chapter in President Trump’s relentless assault on President Obama’s legacy. The Clean Power Plan was projected to prevent more than 90,000 asthma attacks and 3,600 premature deaths annually. Once again, the Trump Administration is choosing polluter profits over clean air for our kids. Families, and our planet, deserve better.”