Congresswoman Lee Statement on Violent Coup Attempt at U.S. Capitol

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-13) today released the following statement on the violent acts carried out in an attempt to shut down the United States Capitol and overturn the results of the election:

“I am appreciative of all the support and fortunate that my staff and I are safe. I was swiftly rushed off the floor of the House and moved to a secure location following the riotous breach of the Capitol incited by Donald Trump. 

“The events of today are a stain on America. Donald Trump has spent months enraging his supporters with the lie that the election was stolen from them, despite the fact that every one of his wild allegations is demonstrably false.  Today, he further incited that anger and inspired those supporters to march down Pennsylvania Avenue, attack police officers and break into the Capitol in what can only be described as a violent insurrection against the United States government. 

“There was an armed standoff at the doors of the House chamber, tear gas deployed in the Capitol rotunda, and people scaling the walls of the U.S. Capitol. Donald Trump is actively seeking to dismantle our institutions and our faith in democracy itself. 

“Tonight, we are going back to the floor to fulfill our duty in Congress to certify the results of the 2020 election as a show of strength for our democracy. Republicans can and mustturn the page away from the hate and violence spewed by Trump which incited this insurrection. Trump’s attempt to sabotage our democracy will not succeed. Our democracy is bigger than any one person and it will prevail.”