November 02, 2023

Congresswoman Lee Votes Against Partisan Republican Security Supplemental

Washington, DC -  Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-12) released a statement following her vote against House Republican’s security supplemental bill:

“As I’ve stated before, I firmly support Israel’s right to defend itself. The fight against terror requires deliberate action and clear objectives under international law to avoid unnecessary loss of life and spreading the conflict further throughout the region.  

“My position remains that we must call for a ceasefire in Gaza because it is the surest way to protect civilians, to release all hostages, to forestall greater regional violence, and to preserve the possibility of a diplomatic resolution to secure peace, security and justice for Palestinians and Israelis. In this devastating time, the United States must lead the way forward diplomatically to prevent wider escalation and ensure that essential humanitarian aid is urgently delivered to the region.

“I could not support a partisan bill that takes the unprecedented action of conditioning aid to address an urgent global crisis on domestic spending cuts to the Internal Revenue Service. These cuts are not only wholly unrelated to the conflict, they gut resources for an essential service and actually increase the deficit, all as a giveaway to wealthy tax cheats.”