July 25, 2014

Congresswoman Lee’s Assessing Progress in Haiti Act Passes Congress

Washington, DC – Today, the Assessing Progress in Haiti Act passed the House of Representatives and is headed to President Obama’s desk.  An early version (H.R. 3509) had passed the House in December but was amended by the Senate.

“Following the devastating January 2010 earthquake, the U.S. was quick to act in support of the Haitian people. However, our policies need greater strategic direction and oversight,” said Congresswoman Lee. “Nearly five years later, we need to provide more accountability of our efforts to rebuild Haiti as we work to produce sustainable local capacity and strengthen democratic institutions.”

Today, the Senate-passed bill (S. 1104) passed the House by unanimous consent.

“I thank Senator Bill Nelson for leading the effort to pass this measure in the Senate and my colleagues in the House to ensuring this important measure becomes law,” said Congresswoman Lee. “Together, we are improving the effectiveness of U.S. aid to Haiti while building long-term local capacity and stronger democratic intuitions in support of the Haitian people.”

The report required by this law will provide insight into the efforts of the U.S. and Haitian governments related to housing and land-use issues, water and sanitation and empowering vulnerable populations, including women and children.

The law also requires the developed of a three-year action plan focused on long-term capacity building including holding regular, free and fair election; increasing port capacity and international investment; restoring natural resources and promoting energy security.

Congresswoman Lee is hopeful that President Obama will sign the law in the coming weeks.