October 05, 2018

Pro-Choice Caucus Leaders: Kavanaugh is Unfit for the Supreme Court

Washington, DC – Pro-Choice Caucus Co-Chairs Diana DeGette (D-CO) and Barbara Lee (D-CA) today issued the following statement about Supreme Court Justice Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh:

“Our country should hold Supreme Court Justices, and those who aspire to be them, to the highest standard. Judge Kavanaugh fell far short in his Senate testimony last week, berating senators, making blatant and blame-shifting political statements, and telling outright lies. Mocking those who questioned him, he repeatedly laid bare his contempt for both the Democratic party and the United States Senate. His record on women’s reproductive rights was already greatly concerning, as are the multiple sexual misconduct allegations against him.

“As senators begin the last phase of the confirmation process, we urge them to consider this: A man who violates a sworn oath to tell the truth cannot be trusted with a lifetime position of any sort, much less on the highest court in the land.”