February 01, 2016

Rep. Lee: “Congress Cannot Continue to Rely on a Blank Check for Endless War”

Washington, D.C. - Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee released this statement on the ever-expanding U.S. military action in the Middle East:

“Nearly a full year after President Obama asked Congress to debate military action against ISIL, we continue to abdicate our constitutional duty to consider the costs and consequences of war.

Meanwhile, US military action against ISIL has spread to three countries – Iraq, Syria, and now Afghanistan. As our involvement escalates daily, it is essential for Congress to seriously consider our role in the region.

We cannot continue to rely on a blank check for war. Congress needs to stop ducking its responsibilities and hold a long-overdue debate on the ramifications of waging endless war in the Middle East.”


Congresswoman Lee is a member of the Appropriations and Budget Committees, the Steering and Policy Committee, is a Senior Democratic Whip, former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and co-chair of the Progressive Caucus. She serves as chair of the Whip’s Task Force on Poverty and Opportunity.